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It’s come to the point where you’re thinking of rescheduling your wedding because of Covid-19.

Rescheduling your wedding definitely wasn’t something you though you’d have to do. You’re allowed to feel sad, or angry, or disappointed.

But don’t forget! One way or another, you’re going to get married and it’s going to be AMAZING. Take a breath, give yourself some time, then let’s get your day back on track.

This guide will help you reach out to all your vendors and cross off items on your list, so you can have the day you always dreamed of!

First things first – if you’re thinking of rescheduling your wedding, cross off “NO” dates + reach out to those who matter most.

The first thing you should do if you’re thinking of have to reschedule, is reach out to those whose company matters the most.

This may be a no-brainer, but make sure the people you care about the most can still attend your new date. Make a list of “no” dates from any events your VIPs can’t miss in order to attend your wedding.

Be sure your wedding party can still attend, as well as your other VIPs. This includes your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends or anyone else who you’ve invited, where your day just wouldn’t be the same without them. Make sure to start a list and who’s available on which dates.

Next – figure out those “NO” dates + reach out to vendors about changing your date.

After you have your list of “no” dates, now is the time to turn that into a handful of “yes” dates.  This is when you’ll start coordinating dates with vendors. This is a perfect example of when hiring a planner is really worth those $$$.

The first, or one of the very first vendors you should reach out to is definitely your venue. If you don’t have a location, you don’t really have a party. I’m sure you love the vendors you’ve chosen for your original date, that’s why you chose them. In all honesty, reach out to your vendors who are most important to you first. Find out what dates they have available, and work your way down the line with your other vendors to coordinate a new date.

TIP – if you’re thinking of rescheduling your wedding, check with your vendors first!

If you have an absolute FAVORITE vendor that you just absolutely CANNOT live without. DO NOT RESCHEDULE YOUR WEDDING DATE WITHOUT CHECKING THEIR AVAILABILITY.

This is SO important. Make sure you check with your favorite vendors first. We as vendors have contracts, to protect both us, and you. However, if you reschedule your wedding and your dream vendor is not available for your rescheduled date, this is most likely because they already have a wedding for your new date. This means this vendor is ALSO in a contract with another couple, so they would then be contractually unable to attend your wedding date. In most cases, this can be avoided, just be sure to check with ALL your vendors before signing new contracts for a new date!

Speaking of contracts – if you’re thinking of rescheduling your wedding, go over your contracts before cancelling or rescheduling.

Contracts between you and your vendors are there to protect you + them. They’re there to set expectations, and be sure everyone gets taken care of, no matter what happens.

Before canceling or changing anything with a vendor, be sure to check your contract to see what happens if you have to reschedule or cancel. Vendors may allow you to reschedule without a fee (unless you’re switching from a less desired date to a prime date). Looking at Fridays, Sundays or other days might be an option. Try to explore every option before flat out canceling with your vendor.

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If you’re thinking of rescheduling your wedding and canceling a vendor is your only option…

Your vendors are here for you, and we’ll all get through this together. If for some reason you’re not able to work with a vendor and dates just won’t line up, you might lose your deposit. Now, this is of course isn’t ideal, but if someone isn’t available on your date, there’s no magic that can make your vendor available. If you’re set on your vendor, you could see if they offer an associate as a replacement for your event.

That being said, vendors might accept what you’ve already paid as a credit towards their services for another event (like in-store credit), but it totally depends on their policies. For example, you might not be able to rent out your venue for another event. But, if your photographer isn’t available for your new date, they may be willing to transfer the amount you’ve paid to other sessions such as couples or family sessions, or possibly as a credit towards other events! Vendors also usually have a really great network, so if your original vendor is unavailable, they might be able to recommend someone who’s also super great!

After deciding on a new date, inform guests of your postponement.

Just like Save-the-Dates, you’ll want to send out “Change-the-Dates. You can find REALLY cute ideas online on places like Etsy or Minted. If you don’t want to add on another cost, you can update your wedding website, with new email RSVPs instead of sending out paper copies.

You’ll also want to keep your wedding website updated and your guests in the loop. Be sure to notify them of any changes! Reach out to any guests that might not check their email regularly or have had a change in pace during this time via phone or text.

In the midst of all this – the most important thing to remember is that YOU’RE GOING TO GET MARRIED.

It might not be how you thought you were going to get married.

It might not be where you thought you were going to get married.

It might not be when you thought you were going to get married, but just remember, YOU’RE GOING TO GET MARRIED!


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