Already bored of quarantine? Here’s a COVID-19 Spring Cleaning Checklist – FREE DOWNLOAD

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Some of us have been quarantined under medical advice during coronavirus (COVID-19), some of us are choosing to self quarantine to help slow down the curve. Staying at home (although VERY necessary) can obviously get boring.

Get ahead of spring and use your time at home to get your spring cleaning done before warm weather hits. Here’s a checklist room by room to help you get tasks done during your downtime.

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Organize your home:


  • Organize/clean fridge
  • Organize/clean pantry
  • Organize/clean cabinets + go through tupperware/containers
  • Deep clean floors + appliances

Living Room:

  • Go through all movies/dvds/games
  • Deep clean dust
  • Rearrange furniture and/or vacuum under all furniture


  • Go through and organize all papers
  • Go through all books
  • Go through all electronics and electronic files
  • Deep clean dust


  • Go through all clothes in closet AND drawers
  • Deep clean dust
  • Clean under bed + wash all furniture
  • Rearrange furniture


  • Deep clean floors
  • Deep clean hard surfaces
  • Organize bathroom cabinets/drawers
  • Organize bathroom closet
  • Wash shower curtain

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